Unit Study Template

Creating a Unit Study                                         
To aid me in standardizing my ideas and practices for unit studies, I created this short mission statement.
• To expand knowledge through:  reading of real books.
• To expand knowledge through: increasing their vocabulary in various topics/subjects.
• To expand knowledge through: experience and hands on interaction with the topic/subject.
• To expand focus through: long observation and attention to the details of the topic/subject.
• To expand confidence and retention of knowledge: through narration, journaling, puzzles, etc.
• To encourage hard work and perseverance through: independent work assignments.

That led to the following template. This became a great organizational tool in my lesson planning last year when I was teaching a unit study on My Side of the Mountain.

(Check ‘On Their Own’ work)
Expanding Concentration and Observation Skills: Drawing copy work of the day.
Encouraging Laughter : “Mad Libs” on topic.
Enabling Retention: Narration, journaling, acrostics, puzzles, quizzes…
Extracting Background Knowledge: Play ‘Know/Want to Know’
Expanding Knowledge: Research topic of the day using ‘real’ books.
Expanding Awe and Wonder: Plant/animal of the day.
Expanding Experience/Curiosity/Confidence: Hands on activities.
‘On Their Own’ assignments

  • reading assignment
  • age appropriate research
  • vocabulary work
  • copy work
  • nature notebook entries


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