Huntington CO-OP Hand Sewing Club 2015

Busy hands/happy hearts.

Busy hands/happy hearts.

When preparing for the first Sewing Club (at a homeschool co-op in Huntington, instead of in my workshop) I knew I would need to prepare some visual aids to help the teachers AND the students see what we would be doing. ( And, I also just love making visual aids!)

We would start with the running stitch; this is the display I came up with.


The next month, we moved on to the overcast stitch, so I used a similar format for this display.


Another part of the preparation, was to make cute little fabric baskets to hold their sewing supplies (and double as a “trash holder”).  I remembered – too late- that if you want to talk to people, of any age, and have their undivided attention, don’t put something brand new and interesting right in front of them, and expect them to “hang on your every word”.  So, I removed the baskets and tried again to give them instruction. 🙂


This (see below) is part of the instruction I was wanting to give. Again, I made these for teacher AND student to keep us on task and keep important information before us. My goal was for us to read it together each week, til it was basically memorized. Reality was half of the kids were just learning to read AND we just didn’t have time to spare, since we only had them for 30 minutes. 🙂 So, at the end of the year, I included the laminated Check List/Sewing Rules in the little summer project bag each student received.

The encouraging part is we did cover everything on here, as we worked on each project, so I hope the skills will remain.

p1040166Hand Sewing Mini Checklist for students (printable)


It was a good learning experience for us all; can’t wait til the fall for the next round of Co-op Sewing Club.

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