Language Arts Warm-Up: Parts of Speech, Syntax, Vocabulary

Language Rocks!

Did you read the first line as a simple, exclamatory sentence or as an adjective modifying a noun?

In this case, both readings are intended.

I had been looking for a non-consumable way for my students in Language Arts Lab to play/practice with sentence structure, parts of speech, and punctuation.  Using little pieces of note cards for each new “sentence puzzle” seemed so wasteful.  Taking inspiration from a mom who stored small word blocks in a clear canister for similar purposes, I got the idea to use the skipping rocks I had collected in a similar way. I love the look and feel of the rocks, and though I ran out of the free rocks and had to supplement with purchased rocks (only $1 at Dollar Tree!), overall, I am pleased with their functionality. The upside of the black rocks is we can write on them with chalkboard markers, so anytime we want to change up our word selection, we can.

As you can see in the pictures, I am currently sorting them in “parts of speech” sections.  This leads to good conversation about where words should be sorted when they are out of the context of a sentence. For instance, in which section would you put “down”? Is it an adverb or a preposition? How about “work”? Noun or verb? You get the idea. : )

How to use “Language Rocks”:

  • Let them create sentences of their own from the words available.
  • Let them create “Mad Lib” style sentences.
  • Reinforce memory work (poetry, Scripture, speeches, etc.), by solving sentence “puzzles”.
  • Integrate new vocabulary (from various subjects) into the word mix.
  • Let them add in words from their “working vocabulary”/ areas of interest.  (Minecraft, sports, princesses, sharks, ballet, etc.)
  • Practice correct punctuation placement.

Make a set for your family and enjoy exploring language together with “Language Rocks”!


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