Machine and Hand Sewing Students and Their February Projects


One of the pillowcases she made for her brothers for Christmas.

One of the pillowcases she made for her brothers for Christmas.

E was one of Learning Home’s first sewing students.  We worked on Christmas gifts for her family in 2015 and then birthday and Valentine presents in early 2016.

We enjoyed scrolling through dozens of images of hand crafted owls, and then set out to create our own owl patterns. She made the large one and I made the baby.

“They’re sooo cute!” was our go-to response for each detail added to our little friends.

E showed impressive design sense as she intentionally chose which colors to put where, in order to create a cohesive pattern.

And once she was done, she managed to keep the owls and Love Bugs hidden at her house for a week, so she could give the owls to her mom and the Love Bugs to her friends on Valentine’s Day. (I didn’t get a separate picture of the Love Bugs, but if you look closely you can see one in its various stages in the pictures below. 🙂 )





I was privileged to do the love bug activity with a large group of homeschoolers in Huntington, WV, ages 4-11, and they did a fabulous job.

I made this hand out so the older ones could practice following written instructions.

love-bug-directionsI was especially impressed with their patience and carefulness at the rice station. 🙂




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