Letter Recognition Activities

If you are looking for some new ways to review/reinforce letter recognition with your little ones, check out the following ideas. They are easy to ‘throw together’ at the last minute.

1. Alphabet Tree (or snowman, or pumpkin, or flower garden,etc.):

First draw/color the tree.

Next, stamp the letters of the alphabet all over the branches,etc.

As the student finds the letter you call out, they get to mark it.









2. Alphabet Puzzle Ideas:

Instead of making flashcards to review letters/sounds, use your ABC puzzle pieces. Have 2 baskets ready for sorting  the ones they get right (on the first try; no guessing several letters…)  from the ones they couldn’t identify.

(Correct a wrong answer with a simple “No, this is the letter ___”, and put it in the try-again basket.)

Then they can try again til they have all of the letters in their basket.

Another great activity is to place the letters you are working on in a mystery box and let them identify the letters by touch only.


3. Letter Graphing:

Choose the letters you want to review. Make several stickers for each letter chosen, varying the amounts, to make the finished graph more interesting. Add the stickers to the game pieces and place them face down on the table or in a tray. Then create the base row where the players will add their matching letter/s.

To play, the players take turns drawing a game piece, and placing it in its letter column. Depending on the players’ ability, they can also name the letter/say its sound/or give a word starting with that letter.

When the graph is complete, you can make some numerical observations: most, less than/more than, same/equal, count how many ____ , etc.  Then, either play again or save the ‘stickered’ game pieces for another day of review.

Extension Activity: When you are done with a particular set of letter stickers, use them to create a 2-D graph on paper, instead of immediately throwing them away. Transferring information from concrete to abstract is a learned skill and a good challenge.

J helping letters fall straight.

Re-purpose a game.

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