Take Time to Reevaluate Your Education Goals

Are we there yet?

Curriculum Coach

Though a dreaded and oft repeated question coming from children during long car rides, the good news is it reveals they realize there is a tangible ‘there’ to be arrived at.

I may often refrain from verbalizing it, but I feel the question in many areas of my life. Sometimes I can see the answer easily because the destination is near and tangible. But many times, like a child, I despair of ever arriving. I have either lost sight of where I am going or I have forgotten how to get there. Also, I can be so focused on ‘achieving the goal’ that I lose the ‘joy of the journey’.

As painful as it can be at times, I greatly benefit from taking the time to evaluate ‘where I have been and where I am going’. I encourage you to do the same for your school year, if you haven’t already. Make a point of recording your thoughts/answers.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What have I learned about myself as a teacher and my teaching style?
  • What have I learned about each of my children and their learning styles?
  • How has my view of homeschooling changed?
  • In what areas was I too hard on myself (and family)?
  • In what areas was I too easy on myself (and family)?
  • How have I grown in _____________?
  • How have my children grown in ____________?

Thankfully, there are many tangible goals that are ‘short term’ and give us great satisfaction and courage to carry on with the journey toward those that are very ‘long term’. Even in those long term goals, we can see and should acknowledge progress along the way.  Enlist the aid of the Triune God to see with His eyes and to keep your goals harmonized with His.

Then move on confidently with choosing the destinations for the coming year and the route you will take, by the grace of God, to arrive there with joy:)